We are serving as a repairer in repairing various types of HP printers and faxes, cartridges and cartridges for sale.

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With over 20 years of extensive work in the field of office machines, printers, fax machines and cartridges, we strive to provide the best quality and standard service to our customers as soon as possible and get friends like you. The use of parts and accessories is one of the fundamental principles of the Sorena system, in order to always keep the warranty repairs and the customers and employers in a comfortable mood with office machines, printers and faxes in the company's current affairs. Our motto "satisfaction" of our customers based on our extensive services in Tehran and other provinces shows the goodwill of the employers and the observance of the basic principles of providing services by Sorena. In the shortest possible time, we will do our best to service, repair and charge the cartridges by the experienced experts, so that the time will be lost.

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our services

Our expertise is repairing printers, cartridges, office machine and other related services of the sale of cartridges and ...

Repair in place

Up to an hour after your call, our expert is in your place.

Charging the cartridge

It will be available to you for basic charge and will be delivered to you after receiving the cartridge within a day. It will not be up to you to have the advanced charging equipment in place.

Our rates

We are a member of the Tehran Computer Technology Union and apply the rate approved by this union.

Extensive services coverage

Providing quality services in other provinces and cities by sending expert experts


The well-being and satisfaction of all of our of customers is the garantee of our services in 20 yearse.

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Mellat Bank Brokerage

Oil Industries Enginiering and Constrction

National Petrochemical Company

Welfare of Tehran Province

Kanaf Company of Iran

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