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Laser printer specifications

As you know all of your computer and motherboards, and the piece that you are in, you are called motherboard. The printer is referred to as the Format Module, as shown below.

The motherboard identifies all other components that are healthy or not, for example, a cartridge

Check whether there is paper

Is the laser healthy and in place?

Whether the sensors are healthy or not

These sensors also help formers in all the things they are supposed to do, for example in a paper jam printer.
When all these checks are completed, the command is sent to the Selenoid, which is shown below: Selenoid has a brains around it, which is winding, and is a spring that removes the edge from the Selenoid brain if the data The printer sends this data to the format that it is wired to the magnet and the magnetism of the brain and releases the plate that rotate its tipped tip and releases the clutch or actuator to turn the pickaw to rotate and can pull the paper After pulling on the paper, the sensor says the paper was pulled out of the sensor and shut off its steering wheel from the Selenide, Or keep the clutch

The words used to make the paper are a roller bearing, the shape of which is below

When the paper is pulled up, the sensors command that the paper is pulled out and the laser starts to work, and the laser light travels to the parts that are mounted on a motorized mirror, which sharpens the spotlight of the laser and extends to the prisms and reaches the mirror. Inverted and dragged on the cartridge

The piece called the roller magnet, all of which is plated, adheres to drum points on the drum. Alternatively, the pulp on the drum is made on paper, and the roller is called Rolling Transform, which has a magnetic load on the drum, and the powders It draws paper from the drama to your side

The other part is Fusion, which pours the powder on the paper, and this part of the fusion is below

Fusion also includes two parts: one heater, a fusion film and other rollers, the paper moving between the two and the heater under the fusion film, heats the powder with heat. In order to do this, the fusion film must also have the same The device is also non-stick so the powder does not stick on it. I hope that I have been able to light up some of your information about the way the black and white laser printer works.
Writer and Producer: Masoud Vasarki

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