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Laser printer specifications

As you know all of your computer and motherboards, and the piece that you are in, you are called motherboard. The printer is referred to as the Format Module, as shown below.

The motherboard identifies all other components that are healthy or not, for example, a cartridge

Check whether there is paper

Is the laser healthy and in place?

Whether the sensors are healthy or not

These sensors also help formers in all the things they are supposed to do, for example in a paper jam printer.
When all these checks are completed, the command is sent to the Selenoid, which is shown below: Selenoid has a brains around it, which is winding, and is a spring that removes the edge from the Selenoid brain if the data The printer sends this data to the format that it is wired to the magnet and the magnetism of the brain and releases the plate that rotate its tipped tip and releases the clutch or actuator to turn the pickaw to rotate and can pull the paper After pulling on the paper, the sensor says the paper was pulled out of the sensor and shut off its steering wheel from the Selenide, Or keep the clutch

The words used to make the paper are a roller bearing, the shape of which is below

When the paper is pulled up, the sensors command that the paper is pulled out and the laser starts to work, and the laser light travels to the parts that are mounted on a motorized mirror, which sharpens the spotlight of the laser and extends to the prisms and reaches the mirror. Inverted and dragged on the cartridge

The piece called the roller magnet, all of which is plated, adheres to drum points on the drum. Alternatively, the pulp on the drum is made on paper, and the roller is called Rolling Transform, which has a magnetic load on the drum, and the powders It draws paper from the drama to your side

The other part is Fusion, which pours the powder on the paper, and this part of the fusion is below

Fusion also includes two parts: one heater, a fusion film and other rollers, the paper moving between the two and the heater under the fusion film, heats the powder with heat. In order to do this, the fusion film must also have the same The device is also non-stick so the powder does not stick on it. I hope that I have been able to light up some of your information about the way the black and white laser printer works.
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One of the most commonly used printer output devices. Users use the printer to print their information. Printers have a variety of different types, such as inkjet, monochrome, and color laser, each of which is specifically designed and designed to be used with each other. In order to be able to select and buy a good printer, we need to pay attention to the points like price, speed, accuracy and quality. When inkjet printers arrived in the market, the printing of images had a great transformation, and this was because inkjet printers were able to connect to digital cameras. Using inkjet printers, we can produce very high quality images if we use ink and paper that is for print. How good is it to become familiar with them, given the fact that it's used in print and printer life. So, we're helping you with this, and we'll give you an article about printers and its variants to download to your loved ones. The important issues in the printer paper are as follows: First, the position of printers has been examined. In the following, you'll get more familiar with the features of the printers as well as their types. Also, the print operation by this printers is the next issue that is referred to. And finally, there are tips for buying a good printer. Are you familiar with printers? Important features in a printer is one of the most important features of a printer of its speed. In fact, the speed of the number of pages a printer can print at a specified time. Manufacturers of printers always focus on the speed of printers trying to take their place in the market. Another feature is the accuracy of the printers, which is a precision measuring unit in dots per inch. Basics of Laser Printers One of the basic principles used in making laser printers is that this technology uses static electricity. Static electricity produces objects that are insulated from which energy is obtained, and this energy causes the objects to stick together. One of the most important indicators in a laser printer is the toner. Everything about a printer Everything about a printer is actually called a toner-charged electric powders that contain ingredients such as color and plastic. The color of the seeds in the toner is the color we need, and after that, the colors are mixed with plastic and then melted through the hot rollers that are present. Laser printers have more advantages over other types of printers. The speed of this kind of printers is much higher than other types. The price of these printers is much higher, but because the powder used in them is cheaper and their maintenance costs are not high, much of its price is offset. Color printers In the past, most laser printers were monochrome, but nowadays printers are coming in the form of color. There are some differences between color and black printers, and the difference is because color printers are different in nature, and their printing process is different with black and white printers. In color printers, there are different phases that are used in each of these phases and steps in the colors of blue, red, yellow and black. When these four colors are combined, different colors are created. The printer is one of the most commonly used output devices on the computer, which is used to print information. Computer users, regardless of the type of use, may require a printer at certain times. Printers have different types. Inkjet printers, monochrome laser printers and color laser printers, there are three major groups of printers available. Each printer (from inkjet printers to laser printers) has its own unique design and is designed for specific purposes and applications. Korean company Samsung introduced the world's smallest multifunction printers "SCX-4200", a series of multifunction laser printers, the LMFP. The SCX-4200, from the IRNA, reports the ability to copy quickly in a variety of modes, including N-up and Fit Auto, as well as the ID card copy function. Also, the high volume of excellent print quality, scanning in OCR mode can be seen from the specifications of this model from the printer. The model of the printer, first presented at the 2006 American electronics show, was named the best-selling and most affordable LMFP in the world. This device is designed and built based on the views of home users in relation to what a printer wants, including high print quality and low maintenance costs, high lifetime of the device toner and low cost. Key Words: Inkjet Printers, Monochrome Lasers, and Color Laser Schedule Introduction 3 Printer Status 3 Familiarity with Types of Printers and Their Features 4 Impact Printers 4 Printers 4 Printers (Sunflowers) 4 Non-Impact Printers 4 Inkjet printers 5 Thermal printers 5 Laser printers 5 Color printers 6 Principles of laser printers 7 What causes paper not to burn? 9 controllers 9 systems Laser 11 Toner 12 Advantages of a Laser Printer 13 Important Features of a Printer 13 Examples of Developments in the World of Printers 17 printers that print by connecting to a telephone line without the need for an image printer: 17 Toshiba Printer Paper Multi-Use Production 18 Samsung launches the world's smallest Liza printer 18 of the world's smallest multifunction printers 19 Principles of Inkjet Printers 20 Print Operations 23 Paper and Ink 25 Advantages of Inkjet Printers 26 Disadvantages of Inkjet Printers 26 rumors and facts about Printers 27 Resources 28 Introduction to printers of the most common hands Ahhay output on the computer that you use to print information is used. Computer users, regardless of the type of use, may require a printer at certain times. Printers have different types. Inkjet printers, monochrome laser printers and color laser printers, there are three major groups of printers available. Each printer (from inkjet printers to laser printers) has its own unique design and is designed for specific purposes and applications. Printer Position When selecting a printer, most applicants, in addition to price consideration, are also careful about other parameters such as speed and quality, and their decision is based on the balance between the above parameters. Manufacturers are struggling to satisfy their customers by providing advanced printers and modifying their previous models. The inkjet printers, with the ability to connect to digital cameras, have revolutionized the printing of images. In cases where inkjet printers are used to print images in inkjet printers, printed images will be very high quality. Print quality in monochrome laser printers is one of the highlights of this type of printers. Due to the features provided by this type of printers, such as the storage location of the paper location, they can be used in cases where the volume of print operations is high. Color laser printers can be used to print text and images of the right quality and speed. In spite of falling prices for color laser printers, more users have tended to use and use these types of printers. [1] [1] Familiarity with Types of Printers and Their Features These devices are known as Hard Copy Machines. Printers have a variety of different types to look at a few of them. Impact printers The principles of these printers are based on the impact on the colored strip, then a shape on the paper is created. The following printers are from this category of printers. Needle printers In this type of printer, the marks are obtained by small dots called Dot, which are created by a thin needle called Pin, with a colored strip and a color transfer on the paper. These printers do a lot of noise, with an average speed of 300 characters per second. The printers from the LQ-100, LO1170, LQ1100 and LQ300 are from this category, and as the number of needles is higher, the printer can produce more delicate images and will definitely be more expensive. Printer (Sunflower) In these printers, all the signs and numbers are prominently placed on a ball. Whenever a sign is required to be printed, this mark is placed in front of the printer head, so the mark is printed on the paper when it is hit. These printers are very similar to machine-readable devices. The speed is between 10 and 90 characters per second. Non-impact printers are a kind of printers that do not have mechanical actions such as blows and less noise, but are usually more expensive and manufactured with higher technology. Generally, these printers work by ink, heat, or laser spraying. Let's look at the most important ones. Inkjet printers There are tanks in these printers. The ink is pressed out of the openings and then poured onto the paper, thus forming the shape on the paper. The quality of these printers is high and these printers work smoothly. These printers are very suitable for drawing and graphic work. You should dry the small pores that do paint spraying, and they need to be careful about keeping these printers in place. One way to fix this is to force a small image or text to print a lot of times. Paper thermal printers are special printers. There are needles on all of these printers. With the needles warming, chemical changes are made on paper that has a special shape. It is difficult to hold the printers of the paper because the paper changes due to heat or long periods, and perhaps the prints and numbers can no longer be seen. Laser printers work out these printers like a photocopier. At first, the paper is energized by the laser light that turns on and off, depending on the energy placed on the paper or liquid, and finally the final image appears on the paper. To receive and buy the full text of the article and the relevant dissertation, click on the option to buy the end of each research and project, and after entering your profile, you will be connected to the bank, which can be paid through all accelerated cards. Immediately after the payment online, the link to publish the article and the related dissertation is enabled to be able to upload the full file. Suggested suggestions: Tags: Types Printers, Research of Types of Printers, Research on Types of Printers, Printers, Printers (Sunflowers), Inkjet Printers, Thermal Printers, Color Printers, Needle Printers, Impact Printers, Non-Impact Printers, Laser Printers, Printer Supplies The Advantages of Inkjet Printers, The Advantages of a Laser Printer, Disadvantages of Inkjet Printers, Article Types of Printers, Article on Types of printers (PRINTER): Printers are one of the portions of the computer that are of particular importance today and have a near high performance in applications Different. Usually most people require a printer for personal use in the home or work environment. But most people are confused when buying, due to the variety of different printer models, and they can not choose their proper printer. In the first step, the type of printer you choose depends on what you want to do with your printer. Like printing text and black and white, or color graphics, this will change the type of printer you choose. For example, if you need to print a large number of text pages, then you need a single color laser printer. But for graphic and photo images, you can no longer use a black and white laser printers and need a color inkjet or laser printer to get the best performance. Based on the type of use and efficiency, printers are divided into 5 different types: 1 - inkjet printers 2 - monochrome printer lasers 3 - color laser printers 4 - multifunction printers Portable Printers We are going to briefly describe briefly these printers: 1. inkjet inkjet printers for ink jet printers by spraying small ink droplets on A paper plate through the vents in the head produces black and white and colored images. It is suitable for quality. The main colors in the inkjet printers are divided into three main colors: cyan, magenta, and yellow, with a black color, which is used to make the image in black. Some inkjet printers, from the combination of the three main colors, create a combination of black ink that is not suitable for writing text and its color is black and green to blue. In the old series of inkjet printers, the three colored cartridges were connected to each other, and if you finished one of the colors, you had to replace all three colors. But today, in these inkjet printers, these three colors are separated from each other. Usually most inkjet printers are made up of four main colors. But you need a six-color, six-color printer to print in addition to the three primary colors and black, with a bright red and light blue color that influences the creation of images with more natural colors. The print speed of inkjet printers is about 2.6 pages per minute. This mode is for text printing, and when printing images, the inkjet printer's printing speed is about 2.3 pages per minute. In general, inkjet printers offer you a reasonable price and are a good choice for general use. Remember that the inkjet printers are not for general use only, but the professional models of these printers can also be used in photographic environments and professional applications. 2. Laser printers in black and white (monochrome) Single-color laser printers, such as the electrostatic system in the photocopier, carry out a print operation, which increases the speed and efficiency of the printer. A black and white laser printer produces very good quality text sheets in a short period of time. The speed of this type of printer in the print of texts is about 6 to 8 pages per minute in full screen. The print speed of black and white graphic images is about 2 to 5 pages per minute in this printer. The black and white laser printers are the best choice for printing large text sheets. Particularly when it comes to the effectiveness of laser printers, you need to print text with a font size smaller than 10. At this time, you will clearly notice the effect of black and white laser printers on fine print. One of the interesting features of using single laser printers is the low cost of color for each print page, which generally reduces the cost of replacing and charging cartridges. Also, the use of ordinary paper can reduce the cost of paper for a long time. In general, a laser printer is the best choice for a large office or office environment that needs to print a lot of text throughout the day. 3. Color Laser Printers The best choice for printing graphic and photo images is a color laser printer that uses CMYK toner instead of ink to print. These printers create superb image graphics and graphics that meet the needs of professional photographers and graphic artists. These printers also have good print capability and fine print prints. One of the interesting features of these printers is their high speed in printing images and texts that are not comparable to almost any printer type. A color laser printer, print power of 6 to 8 full screen text and 1 to 3 page screenshots or photos in minutes. Perhaps one of the weak points of this printer The price is high, which makes it hard for most people to buy this printer. But keep in mind that there are always features and features along with high prices that cover the high price of that device. The total cost of printing any image or graphic image in a laser printer is lower than that of an inkjet printer. This factor reduces Tanner's re-charging costs. In general, laser printers are widely used for professional use. But their use or purchase in the home and for public works does not look so interesting. 4. Multi Functional Printers In office work, the existence of a multipurpose printer has a huge impact on the speed of work, and you can have a printer, a scanner, and a fax machine in one place at a lower cost. With MFD's (multi Function Devices), you can easily combine all of the high-end devices in a single device, which in total, this device has a lower cost and less space in the workplace than buying a piece of equipment. Gives. But what's the flail of this device? One of the challenges faced by the MFD's is that it will overwhelm other devices if a problem occurs on one of its components. For example, if your printer is malfunctioning and no longer works, your fax machine will not work, and your device will almost completely shut down. The second disadvantage of this device is the inability to upgrade the features of this device, and you have a set of fixed and unchangeable features that are not so appealing to some users. In general, this device is used for general or small office use and is not suitable for use in large office environments. Because after a while they will face a lot of problems with this device. Because it is not designed for professional applications. 5. Portable printers. If you're a regular traveler, you'll probably need portable printers. Portable printers today are one of the most popular printers in European and American countries. These printers have a very small size in the form of a hand-held wallet that can easily be shipped to different places. An interesting feature of this printer is its low weight, which weighs about 5 pounds and works well with the battery. Usually, these printers use the technology of inkjet printers or the heat dissipation method (Ribbon). The use of the ribbon due to the pressure and heat it enters, results in the transfer of color to the paper and, consequently, the imaging. But there are also problems with the use of portable printers, which include lower quality inkjet printers in the market, lower print speeds, higher print costs per page (generally, text prints and color images per page for devices that can be used). The shipping will be higher because the tanks of these printers are smaller than the inkjet printers and can not print a large number of pages), and the lack of supplies to the page, in contrast to other printers, points out that these recent drawbacks have to be as tidy sheets as Enter the printer (it's true we The disadvantage of this mode as we look at, but really Embed tray holder for a printer in the size of bags for men, it is not easy). The energy required for the printer can be delivered from the battery. If you need to print a large number of pages, a standard NiCad (Nickel Cadmium) battery can support up to 90 full-screen printers without requiring recharging and if you want the print time of this amount Also, you can use Ni-MH (Nickel metal hydride) batteries that can provide longer energy for the printer. Some portable printers have an optional scanners board, which can be used as an option. A portable scanner. Another interesting feature of this pren There is an infrared port that allows you to transfer your information between the printer and the computer without installing any interface, and this feature allows you to transfer your information from the PDA and notebook to the printer (you need to know. Your computer must have an infrared device so you can use it.) Important factors in purchasing a printer 1. Resolution (print accuracy, resolution) 2- speed (print speed) 3-print quality (print quality) 4 - cost-per-page (Pricing per page) 5. Printer side features (Resolution options) (Print accuracy) Print accuracy on a printer. Certainly one of the important factors in choosing a printer. Printout accuracy is essentially the number of points that are generated per inch of a square from the page by the printer, which are usually printed on the page in both vertical and horizontal directions. For this purpose, when introducing the print quality, the printer introduces it with two numbers. Such as 600x600, the first number related to horizontal print accuracy, and the second is the vertical print accuracy. Today, most printers support a standard 600x600 resolution, which creates high-resolution images during print. Generally, inkjet printers print accurately at around 1200 * 2400 dpi, but in newer printers, these printers It's born at around 1200 * 4800 dots per inch. But never forget that even if you want to print 8 to 10 color photographs in your inkjet printer, the most points that a printer uses to print these images is 1200 * 1200 dpi, and almost all The printers on the market enjoy a consistently high quality prints of these images. That's why some printer makers, along with your device, offer side-by-side software that lets you fine-tune your images, make the color clearer, and display the details in a better print experience, and more generally print quality. Find out that this has the effect of enhancing the printer's resolution. The best way to check the print quality of a printer is not to pay attention to the print quality that is written on the printer, but the important thing is the image that prints out of the printer after seeing it in front of your eyes. This mode is the best type of judgment in print accuracy. Single-color laser printers print at 600x600 dots per inch, which is very suitable for printing text and black and white images. Laser printers have a print accuracy of 1200 * 1200 to 1200 * 2400 dpi, so you can print your graphic images and photos with the best possible print quality. 2-speed Xerox Phaser 7300N Another important factor in choosing a printer for most people is the speed of printing. Because it is effective for some people, even a few seconds. That's why one of the important factors in buying a printer is its print speed. But is this speed printed on printers a realistic speed in text or image printing? Do you think printers can print pages at a speed that manufacturers claim to do? The number of pages that inkjet printers in the market claim to print are in the print mode between 5 to 21 pages per minute. But in print-out tests, printers can print about 2 to 7 pages. Also, in print graphics, manufacturers have claimed that printers have a print capacity of 2 to 15 pages per minute. But in the tests, the actual print speeds are about 1 to 3 pages per minute. The same is true in laser printers. A single-color laser printer has a printed print power of 10 to 18 in a minute, which is almost half that claimed by the factories. Color laser printers print graphic images, ranging from 1 to 4 sheets per minute, which amounts to about one to eight quantities that the company itself announces. Therefore, you should not always rely on the specifications on the printer to buy the printer, and should be asked from those who have actually used that device. Because the best one is using the device. 3- print quality Another quality that the printer needs to pay attention to is print quality. The quality of printing varies depending on the user's performance and usage. If you need to print high quality text. Almost all color and black and white printers in the market literally print text. (Color laser printers are also excellent in drawing diagrams and graphic two-dimensional graphics, and print them well.) In print and graphic imaging, the inkjet printer is a good choice for both public and non-public users. If you print your image on a glossy paper, in this case, your image will be more precise and beautiful to print, and you will consume less ink, and at the lowest cost you can get the right quality. But if you're a graphics professional, you'll definitely need a laser printer to give you the best possible quality. 4. Cost per page (The cost per page) The fourth point to be taken into consideration when purchasing a printer is the cost per printed page printed by the printer because it is directly related to the amount of ink consumed by the printer. . In inkjet printers, the overall ink price has a great impact on the overall printer price. Generally, the charging of the main three color cartridges cost $ 21 to $ 30 and the black cartridge charge costs $ 12 to $ 30. In Iran some of these cartridges are filled manually. The efficiency of these cartridges is about 300 to 800 pages. According to the calculations, the printing of each page of black and white text is about 1 to 7 cents, and each color page costs about 6 to 18 cents. For this purpose, a number of manufacturers have suggested increasing the cartridge volume, which gives the user a greater amount of ink, and while the total cartridge price increases, they are generally reduced to the original cartridge per page. One of the other ways to reduce the cost of printing per page made by Canon, Epson, and HP is by using red, blue and yellow cartridges in the printer, which, if you finish one of the colors, you can easily either of them Charge or recharge, which reduces the cost of replacing all cartridges. The number of pages printed by a printer cartridge or toner is based on factors such as the type of paper that has a great effect on the greater absorption of ink, the size of the pages printed by the printer, the amount of ink or ink contained in page B It works (for example, on a single blackboard, a very high volume of black ink is consumed, which causes the black ink to be emptied at a faster rate.) 5. Printer side features The fifth point that should be considered when purchasing the printer, The printer is a side-by-side feature that facilitates its use in various applications. Almost all inkjet printers have the same characteristics. Like a paper tray that can hold around 100 to 150 sheets of paper, it has a memory to store information and features such as those commonly found on all printers. But some printer makers have other options on their printers to increase the efficiency and ease of use of printers. Such as an increase in the volume of paper insertion, in which more paper can be placed, which plays a very important role in office environments, or employs a 802.11 b wireless interface to communicate with other computers. Also, increasing the amount of print memory that increases the speed of printing in graphic images and increases the speed of transfer of information to the printer. Laser printers also have interesting features and features for use in professional environments. Such as the ability to hold 200 to 1500 pages in its preservative tray, which increases the speed of printing and prevents the paper from feeding at short intervals. Most laser printers have at least 8 MB of memory for storing information, which you can increase by up to 4 to 5 times to increase the memory performance. Of course, it's best to have at least 32 MB of memory for your office work so your data transfer speed to the printer increases. Some laser printers also have a hard disk drive that allows you to save your favorite files and photos and place it on the password that no one has access to. A number of high-precision inkjet printers have interesting side-features like a separate USB port for connecting the system to digital cameras, as well as memory slots for connecting to various types of memory and printing images. In this printer, for the sake of ease, a small LCD monitor is placed on the printer, which before printing the photo, you can see the photo you want on this LCD and then send it for print, which increases your efficiency and the possibility Print a photo without a computer. It should be noted that today, a number of manufacturing companies have been able to print the system onto CDs and DVDs in their printers, which allows the user to use this printer to print on a CD in public use. General Notes on Buying Inkjet Printers Generally, inkjet printers should not be expensive. Because replacing the printer cartridges increases the price of the printer. When buying, pay for printer cartridges. Paying attention to the total price obtained on each page of print by the printer comes from the total cartridge price estimate as compared to the number of pages printed by the cartridge. By doing so, you can easily reach the approximate cost you pay for cartridges for a period of one year. Manufacturing factories on their printer boxes will introduce you the high speed of printing of pages. But in the tests, it's seen that the engine of an inkjet printer has the ability to print 2 to 4 pages in full-screen print mode and 2 to 3 pages in print or image mode. A number of inkjet printers can print photos of the size and size of a professional print-out printer. So if you're using your printer to print photos or graphic images, look for a model of inkjet printers that have the features of this type of print well. If you're the one who's all about your photo print and graphics card, look for print printers with special features, a memory slot, a LCD monitor panel that allows you to view photos and print without a PC. The inkjet printers are a good choice for most people who want to use a printer for home use and small research. But the choice of inkjet printers is not suitable for those who want to have a high print quality only. Printers have used a policy similar to selling face blades to sell their printers. In this way, you can buy a good buckle at a very low price. But after a while, you have to pay a lot of money to replace the slippery slats, which is a bit high in comparison to its overall price. The story of the cartridge charging for inkjet printers is the same. Because you buy a printer at a low price. But when you want to change your printer cartridge, you need to pay a price of about one-third of the total printer price, which looks a bit expensive and not cost-effective for public users. General Notes on Buying White White Laser Printers (Single Colors) If you print a large number of text pages, you need to buy a cheap single-color printer for your work. This printer can print black and white images and text with the best possible quality. A number of single-color laser printers, priced at less than $ 200, are a good choice for home use. Some of Single-color laser printers, along with an Ethernet port (network), provide connectivity to these printers, and this feature allows the use of a printer in the office environment. But if you want to use a computer to connect to these types of printers, you should not pay extra for a network card. Public users can buy a single-color laser printer at a price below $ 200, if they print a large number of text pages, instead of purchasing an inkjet printer, to meet their costs. Compared to a laser printer with a jet printer, the single-color laser printer is at a better level than the inkjet printer in terms of print speed, print quality, and the price printed on each page for print (text print). . If you need to print color images, buying an inkjet printer is essential for you. But if you do not need color images for printing, or you're sometimes printing color photos, buying a color printer is wrong. Because you have to use the color of the printer for a long time. Because otherwise, the printer has problems with color printing over time, and the head pores cause ink particles to dry out. General notes on the purchase of laser color printers for office environments requiring color prints. To a large extent, photographers and those who professionally do the design work are of great use. For almost all home users, buying a color laser printer is a difficult task. Because these printers are priced high and expensive cartridges. But if you need this printer, buying it is not false. Because the total cost of printing each page of a photo or image by a laser printer is cheaper than the inkjet printer. Also, the quality of this printer is higher in comparison with the inkjet printer. Laser printers are very hazardous to the environment. That's why make sure you put them in the right place and after you have taken them out correctly. If you do not have a sophisticated workflow, you can choose an inkjet printer for your work, and at a price of about one-and-a-half a laser printer of good quality, but if you are a graphic professional user and print graphic precision and graphic images You need to have an appropriate laser printer. If the speed of printing is one of the main factors for you to buy a laser printer, you should carefully examine the different printer models and choose the best printer in terms of price and speed. We tried to introduce a number of printers in the market to help you make the best possible purchase of your printer. But keep in mind that not introducing a printer in this article means inefficiency or inappropriateness of it, and because of the lack of space, selectively, we select models from any kind of printer for you to make you better. Get familiar with the features of printers. The overall goal is not to compare the efficiency of these products. Because the best comparison, viewing quality and printing speed of the printer is objectively the most important criterion for the buyer.